BlockCert BEGIN:

BlockCert beta now launched!

This site is intended as a tool for interaction between today's internet and new blockchain technology that allows cryptographic digital certificates coupled with a distributed ledger backed by hundreds of computers in dozens of countries.

You can now certify your own posts and content using this blockchain 2.0 technology. This means memoryhole-proofing anything, and be able to prove your content existed and is unadulterated.

BlockCert can also certify your content with your verified email address and the URL which the content was pulled from, which is then signed by BlockCert into the blockchain with the hash of your content, providing a rock solid informational foundation of your content that can never be erased.

This site and its technology is still in beta, so feedback is welcomed! And for a limited time new sign-ups will receive free BlockCert certification services to try out and get to know the system.

The sky is the limit on using this technology. I plan to introduce many more tools and ways to use this technology to this site in the future, and it is my hope that these tools are used to provide foundation to information technology going forward.


Charlton Harrison,
Founder of BlockCert

BlockCert END.