Certifying HTML snippits inside your own content

If you have a webpage that you have the power to edit, you can insert the following code where you want the beginning and end blocks to go.

Before the text/html you wish to certify, put this code in your HTML:
<div id="blockcert">BlockCert BEGIN: <img src="https://blockcert.com/img/bc_begin.png">
<div id="blockCertBlock">

At the end of the text/html you wish to certify, put this code in your HTML:
</div><img src="https://blockcert.com/img/bc_end.png"> BlockCert END. 
<button onclick="blockCertVerify('')">verify</button><span id="blockCertResult"></span>
<script src="https://blockcert.com/js/blockcert.js"></script><br></div>

Once this code is embedded in your webpage, you will be able to click on the 'verify' button which will take you to the BlockCert certification form. The hash of your content will be pre-populated in this form. Look over the rest of the form and make sure it is correct, then submit it.
Once the certification is completed you will get a transaction number. Put that number inside the single-quotes in blockCertVerify('') in your file. Once this is done your content will verify.

You can format the lines/spacings around the tags as all leading and trailing whitespace around the content is removed before computing its hash/digest.
Once the content is certified, you will not be able to change even one character inside the content without altering the hash digest. (You are still able to modify the whitespacing around the content)