Certifying Your Posts on a Forum/Board

The forum/board you are posting to must be able to support links inside of the post.
If it doesn't, you should certify your post as if it were an external content certification.

If you have an account with BlockCert, log into it and come back to this page for your own link.
If you would rather proceed without an account, you must edit your post afterwards to fill in the post_ref= with the transaction reference number once the content is certified.

Use the following link (you will come back to replace the 'abc' in the post_ref after you certify):
[ <a href="https://blockcert.com/verify?post_ref=abc">This post backed by BlockCert</a> ]
Reddit format:
[ [This post backed by BlockCert](https://blockcert.com/verify?post_ref=abc) ]
Simple Machines forum format:
[ [url=https://blockcert.com/verify?post_ref=abc]This post backed by BlockCert[/url] ]

Once you have submitted your post with this link, you can click on the link from your post which will take you to the BlockCert certification form. Your content will be pulled from the referring URL for your review, and the hash of your content will be pre-populated in the form. Look over the rest of the form and make sure it is correct, then submit it.

You will need to then put that as the post_ref number inside the link. Once this is done your post will verify.

Click here to review the certification form.

The link can appear anywhere in your post but it's customary to add it to the end.
You may change what the link says if you like but not the href URL portion. The outter brackets around the link are intended to be included.
Once the content is certified, you will not be able to change even one character inside the post without altering the hash digest. You are still able to modify the whitespacing around the link itself.
post_id references the BlockCert order number, while post_ref is the reference to the actual blockchain. So it is better to use a post_ref number as to allow 3rd parties to directly verify your content from the blockchain.
When post_ref is set to a letter or sequence of letters it tells BlockCert verify that the content has not yet been certified. If someone else has posted a link with 'abc' you can be change yours to 'xyz' or any other sequence to distinguish your post from the other.