Solving the problem of Who said What When, using blockchain technology.

When you see this symbol: with the timestamp following, you can verify the content from the website via its link to BlockCert can either verify the content as unchanged or show the changes that have been made since it was timestamped.

Impossible to be forged and recorded across hundreds of computers in dozens of different countries.

• You do not need a login/account to use Blockcert, but with one you can get bulk discounts.
• With an account your email is verified and this identity can be affixed with your certificate should you choose.
• BlockCerts can be verified independently or by a third party.
• Cost of hosting, bandwidth, subsequent verifications and callbacks, and blockchain transaction fees are factored into the price.

Use Cases:
How to certify your (forum, article commentary) posts.

How to certify your website content.

How to certify a file/document.

How to certify content from someone else.

Technical FAQ