Blockchain Certifications

Certify your posts, website content, and documents using blockchain technology.
Prove who said what, when. Whether it's your content or someone else's.

This software is in Beta!   Please feel free to send feedback.

Uses include, but not limited to:
• Prove your website content existed and has not been altered since a timestamp.
• Forum posting: prove your post existed and has not been altered.
• Digitally sign a document and confirm it has not been altered.
• Certify and prove a website article/file was or was not altered.
• Legally and permanently record a copyright claim on your material.
• Memoryhole-proof anything!

2015-06-23 : Receive 10 Free Certifications
Already there have been lots of positive feedback and also a few small fixes! The help has been invaluable.

2015-06-15 : BlockCert beta now launched!
This site is intended as a tool for interaction between today's internet and new blockchain technology that allows cryptographic digital certificates coupled with a distributed ledger backed by hundreds of computers in dozens of countries.

The Blockchain is the True Beginning of Recorded History

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